Muslim leader in Austria slams change to report cards

Alaturka Amerika ABD Haberleri

By Askin Kiyagan</p> <p>VIENNA (AA) – A Muslim leader in Austria expressed shock Friday over a change in the title of elective courses on Islam in school report cards to “IGGO”, the abbreviation for the Islamic Religious Community of Austria.</p> <p>&quot;The institution or organization that represents the religion is not addressed in the course, but the religion itself, and the name of that religion is Islam,” Umit Vural, the head of IGGO, told Anadolu Agency. </p> <p>Vural stressed that the titles of representative bodies for other religious communities such as the Jewish or Christian communities are not used in school report cards in Austria. </p> <p>The Austrian authorities and Ministry of Education have yet to comment on the issue.</p> <p>After an extreme right-wing coalition came to power in Austria, harsh practices regarding foreigners and immigrants, especially Muslims, came into effect. </p> <p>The government, which recently imposed a ban on headscarves in kindergartens, also aims to implement the ban in primary schools.