Valentine's Day calf helps Turkish woman start farm

Alaturka Kultur Sanat Haberleri

By Levent Kisi

ANTALYA, Turkey (AA) – Nuriye Kayali chose a calf over a diamond ring for a Valentine's Day present 10 years ago. Now, she owns a farm.

"I thought I would lose the ring while working in the farm. A calf, on the other hand, was a window of opportunity," the 42-year-old woman told Anadolu Agency.

She now owns a farm of 30 cows which she calls 'love'.

The couple has been married for 20 years and have three children. They live in Antalya on Turkey's Mediterranean coast.

Speaking of her wife's decision, Huseyin Kayali, 44, said: “I thought she would choose the diamond ring, I was wrong.”

“I thought women usually like jewelry. I thought she would’ve gone for the diamond ring but she surprised me. She went for the calf because she loved animals. She worked hard, now we run an animal farm,” he added.

Nuriye Kayali keeps a photo of the calf she raised.

"That Valentine's Day present changed our life. If I had gone for the ring, it would not have brought me anything,” she said.

*Writing by Firdevs Bulut