Sudan: 6 killed on Ethiopia border

Alaturka Politika Haberleri

By Mohammed Amin

KHARTOUM, Sudan (AA) – At least six people in eastern Sudan were killed in an attack by an Ethiopian militia, authorities said in a statement Tuesday.

"An attack on Algiraish village in Eastern Sudan has led to the deaths of five women, one child and the disappearance of other two women," the Sudanese Foreign Minsitry said on the attack allegedly carried out by the armed group known as Shifta.

It condemned the attack 5 kilometers (3 miles) from the border in the al-Fashqa locality and urged the international community to intervene and demand Ethiopia stop its aggression.

The statement was issued after Ethiopia accused Sudan of intensifying military action along the border.

The two countries have continued trading accusations about the military tension on the border since December.

Amid the decades-long border dispute, Sudanese authorities have said some Ethiopian gangs seized farmlands in al-Fashqa after expelling farmers by force. Sudan accuses the Ethiopian army of supporting these gangs, which Addis Ababa denies.