‘New tech has changed how companies are managed’

By Meryem Goktas

ANKARA (AA) – Extraordinary developments in science and communication technologies have transformed the way companies are being managed, the head of a Netherlands-based biotechnology firm said Thursday.

"With technological advances transforming management ideas and approaches in enterprises, managers and employees now feel obliged to adopt a proactive, creative and responsible role in their organization," Ozge Altunbas Goktekin, chief executive officer of VSY Biotechnology, said in a written statement.

Altunbas Goktekin said the new management approach, called “governance”, brings the unidirectional communication method employed by the traditional management approach to an interactive dimension and is readily embraced by enterprises as a participatory multi-actor management method that provides more freedom to individuals while imposing certain responsibilities on them.

"To adapt their work systems to this new economic world, enterprises and their managers and employees have to adopt a governance approach whose backbone is composed of methods and practices involving training, cultural activities and science," she added.

Stating that VSY Biotechnology is committed to the governance approach, Altunbas Goktekin said the company has created a participatory common structure available to its stakeholders.

"Therefore, it can be asserted that VSY Biotechnology uses a multi-voiced correlative business model based on shared responsibilities and awareness of competence," she added.

Altunbas Goktekin said that competition in international markets and factors such as efficiency, speed, use of experts and advanced technology have a large role in the sustainable growth of companies.

"Additionally, to use these factors perfectly and efficiently, the classical management approach based on hierarchy and normal manager-thinking processes is slowly being abandoned in favor of a multi-voiced, innovative and creative governance approach using predominantly shared wisdom."