Brexit: UK can revoke Article 50 without EU approval

By Muhammad Mussa <br><br>    LONDON (AA) - The U.K. can unilaterally withdraw from the article it invoked to leave the EU without the union’s approval, a senior adviser to the European Court of Justice said Tuesday, in news that could buoy Remainers' hopes.  Campos Sanchez-Bordona, the court’s advocate general, said that under EU law a member can revoke Article 50 without needing approval from the European Commission or the other 27 member states. </p>  <p>“The Advocate General proposes that the Court of Justice should, in its future judgment, declare that Article 50 TEU [Treaty on European Union] allows the unilateral revocation of the notification of the intention to withdraw from the EU,” Bordona said in a statement. </p>  <p>“Unilateral revocation would also be a manifestation of the sovereignty of the departing member state, which chooses to reverse its initial decision.”</p>    <p>The advice could boost the anti-Brexit campaign and MPs who have long argued that revoking Article 50 is simpler than what the government has claimed. </p>  <p>A cross-party group of Scottish parliamentarians launched a legal petition in December 2017, and last month the court of justice convened an emergency meeting in Luxembourg to consider it. </p>  <p>Speaking to the Guardian, Alyn Smith, the Scottish MEP involved in the legal action, said: “We now have a roadmap out of the Brexit shambles, a bright light has switched on above an ‘exit’ sign and the false choice being offered to MPs at Westminster – that it is Mrs May’s disastrous deal or chaos – is shown for what it is, an abuse of parliament.” </p>  <p>The government had tried to prevent the case from reaching the court.