‘Youth for Climate’ protests continue in Brussels

By Ata Ufuk Seker</p> <p>BRUSSELS (AA) – Dozens of young Belgians marched Thursday to protest the government's policies on climate.</p> <p>Around 1,500 high school and university students descended upon the city for the 8th time for protest calling for action on climate change.</p> <p>The students gathered in front of Brussels’ North Railway Station as part of the protest with a theme &quot;Youth for Climate&quot; and walked up the Brussels-Midi station.</p> <p>Demonstrators chanted slogans and carried colored banners calling on the government to prioritize policies combating global warming and climate change.</p> <p>They demand government to adopt eco-friendly transport policy and call for more affordable train services prices.</p> <p>The first march of young people started in January. The movement of climate activists has kept growing with youngsters hitting the streets of Brussels each Thursday.</p> <p>Similar protests are held in various European countries including France, the Netherlands, U.K., Germany and Sweden.