World Ethnosport Confederation in Mexico for talks

            By Emre Dogan</p>  <p>ISTANBUL (AA) – A delegation from the World Ethnosport Confederation, an international institute that organizes activities to revive traditional sports and games, visited Mexico on Thursday for talks.</p>  <p>Headed by its Vice President, Fatih Kalender, it was invited to Mexico to follow an ancient ballgame known as 'ulama'.</p>  <p>Kalender met with the head of the Sinaloa Ulama Federation and the mayor of Guamuchil city in Sinaloa state.</p>  <p>The delegation also met with Ana Claudia Collado Garcia, head of the Mexican Federation of Indigenous and Traditional Games and Sports, and parliament member Armando Gonzalez Escoto.</p>  <p>The Turkish delegation also visited the federation and met with its honorary president, Melesio Pina.</p>  <p>They exchanged views on traditional sports in Mexico.</p>  <p>The delegation also visited the National Autonomous University of Mexico, where they were informed about the Mexican spear-thrower or atlatl game.