US’ Kerry says two-state solution ‘in serious jeopardy’

WASHINGTON (AA) – Secretary of State John Kerry said Wednesday the future of a two-state solution is “in serious jeopardy”, defending U.S. abstention last week on a UN Security Council vote condemning Israeli settlements.

“The United States did, in fact, vote in accordance with our values, just as previous U.S. administrations have done at the Security Council before us,” Kerry said at a news conference where he outlined the Barack Obama administration’s vision for Middle East peace.

Kerry said the vote was aimed at “preserving the two-state solution” noting that two separate states is “the only way to achieve a just and lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians”.

Kerry also defended the American administration’s commitment to Israel.

“No American administration has done more for Israel’s security than Barack Obama’s,” he said. “The Israeli prime minister himself has noted our unprecedented military and intelligence cooperation. Our military exercises are more advanced than ever.”

Kerry slammed Israeli leaders. “Regrettably, some seem to believe that the U.S. friendship means the U.S. must accept any policy, regardless of our own interests, our own positions, our own words, our own principles, even after urging again and again that the policy must change,” he said.