US: Anti-Daesh ops back on with Turkish airspace opened

By Michael Hernandez

WASHINGTON (AA) – The U.S.-led anti-Daesh coalition has resumed operations out of Turkey after Ankara reopened its airspace to military aircraft, the Pentagon confirmed Sunday.

“Counter-ISIL [Daesh] coalition air operations at all air bases in Turkey have resumed,” spokesman Peter Cook said in a statement.

U.S. facilities at Incirlik airbase in Adana, southern Turkey are still operating on internal power, Cook said.

Turkish military aircraft fired on major Turkish cities in an attempted coup overnight Friday, prompting Ankara to close its airspace. At least 161 people died in the violence before the coup was defeated.

Incirlik is home to the Turkish Air Force and the U.S.’ 39th Air Base Wing. It has been a key part of the anti-Daesh campaign, with the U.S.-led coalition flying sorties and reconnaissance flights from the site.

Speaking on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday morning program, Secretary of State John Kerry said that Turkey’s decision to temporarily close its airspace to military aircraft didn’t have a “negative drag” on the counter-Daesh mission.

In addition to Incirlik, Turkey’s southeastern Diyarbakir airbase is also used to carry out the counter-Daesh mission.