UN chief calls for international cooperation, reform

By Umar Farooq

WASHINGTON (AA) – Secretary General Antonio Guterres addressed the UN, calling for international cooperation and reform within the organization.

Guterres spoke before the General Assembly during the general debate ahead of other world leaders and emphasized the importance for all countries coming together, saying that the world was suffering from "Trust Deficit Disorder".

The UN chief said the world has become chaotic and relations between world powers have become less clear.

"Indeed, with leadership committed to strategic cooperation and to managing competing interests, we can avoid war and steer the world onto a safer path," Guterres said.

He said there is a lot of trouble around the world, with leaders pushing their boundaries and ignoring rule of law.

There has been a lack of global governance throughout the globe, according to Guterres.

"That is why I am so committed to reform, and to making the United Nations more effective in responding to the needs and aspirations of 'we the peoples'," Guterres said.

However, the UN chief stated there was a lot of progress going on in the world, especially with the advances in technologies.

He noted the peace summit he attended between Eritrea and Ethiopia, citing it as a sign that the Horn of Africa is moving away from war and conflict.

"Our future rests on solidarity. We must repair broken trust. We must reinvigorate our multilateral project," Guterres said.

The general debate is expected to last for nine days, with all 193 UN member states having a chance to speak.