Ukraine purchases armed drones from Turkey

Alaturka Amerika ABD Haberleri

By Goksel Yildirim</p> <p>ANKARA / KIEV (AA) – Ukraine signed an agreement to buy unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) from Turkey, Ukrainian president announced on Saturday.</p> <p>In a Twitter post, Petro Poroshenko said the agreement was signed for the purchase of Bayraktar TB2 armed UAVs for the Ukrainian army.</p> <p>Poroshenko said the country continued to rearm its army with modern models that meet NATO standards. </p> <p>According to the information gathered by Anadolu Agency correspondent, Turkish UAV manufacturer Baykar will produce six Bayraktar TB2 and deliver them to Ukraine in a year.</p> <p>Along with the UAVs, three ground control station systems and equipment will also be delivered.</p> <p>Bayraktar TB2 has been used by the Turkish Armed Forces and Turkey's Security Directorate since 2015. </p> <p>The TB2 armed UAV, was developed for tactical reconnaissance and surveillance missions and it can also carry ammo, do assaults, and has laser target acquisition.</p> <p>Currently, Turkish Armed Forces have a fleet of 75 Bayraktar TB2 platforms.</p> <p>The purchase agreement between Ukraine and Turkey is the second export achievement of the TB2. </p> <p>During an international defense exhibition in March 2018, Qatar also signed an agreement to buy six Bayraktar TB2 armed UAVs from Turkey.</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p>*Muhammed Ali Gurtas contributed to this story from Ankara.