UEFA Nations League: Spain and Belgium win in League A

By Fatih Erel

ISTANBUL (AA) – The second week of the UEFA Nations League concluded on Tuesday as the FIFA World Cup finalist Croatia was defeated by Spain 6-0.

The second week of the tournament ended with seven matches.

After beating England in their first match in the competition on Saturday, Spain on Tuesday thrashed World Cup runners-up Croatia.

In an away match, after coming third at the World Cup in Russia, Belgium beat Iceland 3-0 in their first match in League A.

The third week in the tournament will start on October 11.

Other results of the second week are as follows:

– League A

Group 2: Iceland – Belgium: 0-3

Group 4: Spain – Croatia: 6-0

– League B

Group 3: Bosnia and Herzegovina – Austria: 1-0

– League C

Group 2: Finland-Estonia: 1-0

Hungary-Greece: 2-1

– League D

Group 2.: Moldova-Belarus: 0-0

San Marino – Luxembourg: 0-3