Turkish troops support education in Kosovo


By Talha Ozturk

BELGRADE, Serbia (AA) – An opening ceremony was held at Haziz Tola Primary School in Prizren city Monday for nine classrooms that were renovated and equipped by the Kosovo Turkish Representative Committee Presidency within the NATO peacekeeping force in Kosovo (KFOR).

Speaking at the ceremony, the Consul General of Turkey in Prizren, Eylem Altunya, said the Turkish Representative Committee Presidency carries out many projects that honor the Republic of Turkey.

"I believe that the project carried out by the Turkish Representative Committee will contribute to the better education of the students at this school," said Altunya.

The head of the Turkish Representative Committee Presidency, Colonel Cem Sinan Barim, said they were honored and proud to have carried out the project.

"Hopefully, students studying in these classrooms will be educated in comfortable conditions and will easily adopt and embrace knowledge," said Barim.

Skender Susuri, the head of the Directorate of Education in the Municipality of Prizren, said this is one of many projects and investments in the region by Turkey.

"Turkey has made huge investments since Kosovo's liberation, especially in Prizren. We are pleased with these investments and we are grateful. We expect to see them continue," said Susuri.

As part of the project, the Turkish Representative Committee Presidency painted the façade at Haziz Tola Primary School and the ceilings of the nine classrooms, installed PVC vinyl sheet flooring and replaced the lighting and doors. The classrooms were also equipped with 135 student desks, curtains and teacher's chairs and desks.