Turkish troops support education in Kosovo

By Talha Ozturk

BELGRADE, Serbia (AA) – An opening ceremony was held at Xhelal Hajda Toni high school, repaired and equipped by the Turkish Military Representative to the NATO peacekeeping force in Kosovo (KFOR) in the city of Rahovec (Orahovac) on Wednesday.

Speaking at the ceremony, Turkish Ambassador to Pristina Kivilcim Kilic said the students will catch up with the era thanks to computers.

"We will create a beautiful future for this country, because you are the future of this friendly and brotherly country Kosovo, " said Kilic.

The head of the Turkish Military Representative to KFOR, Col. Cem Sinan Barim, said that they are proud to be in Kosovo since 1999.

Barim pointed out that the best indicator of friendship with Kosovo was the contribution to the education.

"Therefore, we are aiming all our efforts in the field of education and basic health. We are honored to realize this project," said Barim.

Orahovac Municipality's Education Director Avni Morina stated that this investment will increase the quality of education in the country.

As part of the project, the Turkish Representative Committee painted the facade of the school and the ceilings of the classrooms, renovated the doors, put up curtains and took care of general maintenance.

In addition, 31 desktop computers and desks, printers, projectors, whiteboards and office chairs were donated.