Turkish president’s leadership lauded in South Africa

By Shu’eib Hassen

CAPE TOWN, South Africa (AA) – Community representatives from Egypt, Morocco, Iraq, Palestine, and Somalia have lauded Turkish president’s leadership as a source of inspiration in the Muslim world during an event in the South African city of Cape Town.

Several participants at the event held on Sunday afternoon also waved Turkish flags and held posters of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

In remarks made to Anadolu Agency, Palestinian community representative Basel Bagria said: “So why do we thank Turkey’s Erdogan? It is because he is a role model leader for which all Muslim countries are struggling for. Turkey has become a center for all Muslims of the world.”

Bagria said Erdogan’s humanitarian initiatives and stance on Egypt, Somalia, Syria, Morocco and Palestine had been appreciated by everyone.

“The West complains about Syrian refugees, but Turkey has a system that promotes dignity and development of all Syrians,” he added.

According to Somalian community representative Abdullah Ali Hassan, when Erdogan visited Somalia in 2011, it opened the world to Somalia.

“All the powerful states were very reluctant to help. They were all talk,” Hassan told the gathering at the event. “Erdogan changed the negative perception of Somalia and will now establish Somalia’s biggest diplomatic base in Mogadishu.”

Somalia is progressing steadily towards stability with elections due within this year, he said.

Hassan added that the key question now is: “How many Erdogans does the world still need?”

Moroccan academic Dr. Mustapha Saidi said Erdogan was the “locomotive” for great leadership and humanitarianism.

“Turkey is leading the Muslim world, even Muslim minorities across the globe are provided with development projects by Erdogan,” Saidi said.

Iraqi community representative Omar Saidi’ul Naimi said: “I am proud of Erdogan as a leader. This is something I cannot say for my own country’s leaders. Just look at how Turkey has developed.”

The event was chaired by Egyptian community representative Aadil Abdullah, which also mentioned how the Turkish president came to power and how he united Turkey towards success through his “values and virtues”.