Turkish army commanders decry coup attempt

ANKARA (AA) – Three high-ranking Turkish military commanders have denounced a military coup attempt, saying it was made by a small group of officers in the first army command.

“It is not an attempt that is supported by Turkish Armed Forces. We have gathered with our [Istanbul] governor since the very beginning of the incidents. We are working to solve this problem,” First Army Commander Full Gen. Umit Dundar said during a live interview on a private TV channel early Saturday.

“Coup leaders are a small group in first army command; no need to worry; required measures taken with other troops that did not join but remain in command chain,” he added.

Naval Forces commander Bulent Bostanoglu said: “As command echelon, we definitely do not accept this attempt”.

Additional reaction came from General Staff Special Forces Commander Zekai Aksakalli who called the coup leaders “bandits”, saying they “will not succeed”.