Turkey to destroy all terror strongholds: PM Davutoglu

MUS, Turkey (AA) – Turkey remains determined to destroy the strongholds of the PKK, Daesh and DHKP-C terrorist groups, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Saturday.

In remarks made at a ceremony in Turkey’s eastern Mus province, Davutoglu said: “We are determined to destroy them in their dirty strongholds, no matter who they are, be it the PKK, Daesh or the DHKP-C. We are determined to clear every part of our country from terrorism.”

He recalled how several terrorist organizations began attacking Turkey following the June 7 elections as if someone had pushed on a button. He said terrorist organizations had been working in tandem against Turkey.

The prime minister also referred to the Syria-based PYD terrorist group, which, according to a recent video posted online, paraded the dead bodies of Free Syrian Army (FSA) soldiers around in an open-top trailer after an armed clash in Syrian city of Afrin.

“They do not even respect the dead bodies. They are talking about justice and freedom, but then they commit the lowest savagery,” he said, adding the incident had revealed the group’s real face behind the mask.

Turkey considers the PYD as the Syrian affiliate of the PKK terrorist group.

The Turkish premier added that people should have honor and dignity even during times of war.