Turkey provides vocational training for Libyan teachers

By Halis Akyildiz

ISTANBUL (AA) – Turkish state-run aid agency has provided a vocational training program for a dozens of Libyan teachers in Istanbul to boost employment.

The 5-day training program by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) is carried out in cooperation with Turkish Embassy in Tripoli and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

The training program is part of TIKA’s boosting employment project across the world.

The teachers, who are employed in a vocational school in Libyan capital Tripoli, received training on jewelry and leather decoration-accessories on the second training day.

The program will continue on different areas of training.

Salah Farac Abu Galiye, a participant, said they wished for a longer training period in Turkey.

"We were surprised to see what we can do only in two days," he added.