Theresa May aims to renew UK-Africa relations

By Hassan Isilow
JOHANNESBURG (AA) – British Prime Minister Theresa May announced Tuesday that the U.K. would invest an additional £4 billion ($5.17 billion) in African economies with hopes of paving the way for another £4 billion in private sector finance.
Speaking in Cape Town, the prime minister, who is on a three-African country tour, said she was committed to Africa and wanted to create partnerships with countries on the continent.
"So while we cannot compete with the economic might of some foriegn governments investing in Africa, what we can offer is long-term investment of the highest quality," she said.
Commenting on South Africa's proposed land reform policy of expropriation of land without compensation, she said: "The U.K. has for some time now supported land reform that is legal and transparent."
The South African parliament recently passed a resolution to amend the constitution to allow for expropriation of land without compensation.
Most of the land in South Africa belongs to a white minority, while the majority of blacks lack land.
The ruling ANC says land reform will benefit all citizens with injustices of the past Aparthied rule addressed.
They say the process will be just, fair and orderly.