Science park in Taiwan opens doors to int’l journalists

By Cansu Dikme

TAIPEI, TAIWAN (AA) – A group of international media representatives on Tuesday visited a science park in Taiwan’s capital Taipei to get an insight about the country’s technology.

Ming-Huang Chen, the director-general of Central Taiwan Science Park (CTSP), hosted 21 journalists from 20 countries across the world, who are in capital Taipei for a five-day media tour as part of Oct. 10 National Day celebrations.

Briefing the journalists, Chen said: “Our mission is to achieve regional and economic development between north and south Taiwan.”

Established in 2003, CTSP encompasses five parks on 1,486 hectares area. As a sustainability-oriented green park, it fosters innovation and technology.

Six major industries of CTSP are based on nanotechnology, which covers optoelectronics, precision machinery, biotechnology, integrated circuits, computer and peripherals and green energy.

In 2017, CTSP’s revenue was $18 billion.

“CTSP ranks second in contribution to the regional economy of central Taiwan,” Chen noted.

Achieving the goal of co-existence between technology and environmental protection, CTSP adopts 5E’s in operation: Efficiency, environment, economy, education and eco-friendly, he added.

Adopting the notion of integration of resources, the park established a high school in 2006 to bridge academia and industries.

Also, it enjoys over 80 percent wastewater recycling.

Among its foreign tenants are the U.S., Germany, France, Japan and Indonesia.

Hsinchu Science Park and Southern Taiwan Science Park are the other parks in Taiwan, established in 1980 and 1996, respectively.

– AI Robotics Hub

AI Robotics Hub — an entirely government-sponsored project based at CTSP — provides the software for the manufacturers since October 2017.

The park offers satellite-supported courses on AI and robotics for the professionals, as well.