Protesters demonstrate against Brazil gov’t in Argentina

By Senabri Silvestre

SANTO DOMINGO. Dom. Rep. (AA) – Brazil’s new Foreign Minister, Jose Serra, was received by his counterpart in Argentina, amid demonstrations against the suspension from office of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff.

In his first official visit to the neighboring country, Serra and Susana Malcorra on Monday signed a memorandum of understanding for the coordination of policy between the two nations.

Dozens of protesters demonstrated outside the chancery in Buenos Aires, chanting slogans and carrying banners that expressed a rejection of Brazil’s interim government that is led by Michel Tremer.

“No to the coup, out Tremer” and “Wanted Jose Serra, impostor foreign minister, Brazil’s coup”, read some of the signs.

Serra met with Argentine authorities, including President Mauricio Macri. He asked Macri to reconfirm his support for Temer, according to the El País newspaper.

“Anyone who goes to Brazil now knows that the country is living the most perfect democratic normality,” Serra said at a press conference after his meeting with Malcorra.

Malcorra said her government has followed every step of the impeachment process against Rousseff´s and found no reason to reject the procedure.

“The constitutional process has been followed to the letter. It is not that Argentina should legitimize what the Senate has decided in Brazil,” she said.

Noting that Brazil is Argentina’s main trading partner, Malcorra pointed out that Temer has set up a Cabinet and a new envoy with which Argentina has to work.

Serra was named to the post by Tremer, who took over as interim president after the Senate earlier this month suspended Rousseff for six months as she faces a political trial.

Following Rousseff’s removal, a number of regional countries voiced disapproval, including Ecuador, Venezuela and El Salvador — all of which recalled diplomats in protest.