Muslims 'uneasy' with growing Islamophobia in Europe

By Suleyman Tunc

ANKARA (AA) – Muslims are annoyed by growing Islamophobia, especially in Europe, head of Turkey’s Religious Affairs Directorate said on Thursday.

"The blaze of Islamophobia needs to be reduced especially in the European countries. As Muslims, we are uneasy with this," Ali Erbas said at a meeting with Vatican's Ambassador to Ankara Paul Fitzpatrick Russell.

Erbas said both Christian sphere and institutions under Vatican should work in this regard.

He also called on Christians to cooperate in the fight against terrorist organizations, which carry out their activities under the cover of Islam.

"Our struggle continues against organizations, which are turned into terrorist organizations and are active in Islamic world. Seeing or showing them as representative of Islam disturbs us," Erbas added.

Russell, for his part, said cooperation among religions are needed to resolve conflicts and disputes in the world.