Jerusalem Palestinian family forced to demolish house

             JERUSALEM (AA) - Israeli authorities on Saturday forced a Palestinian family to demolish its own house in occupied East Jerusalem, the family members told Anadolu Agency.</p>  <p><br></p>  <p>Israel had issued an order to demolish the two-apartment house in the Silwan neighborhood, south of the Al-Aqsa Mosque.</p>  <p><br></p>  <p>“Israeli authorities gave us until Dec. 10 to demolish our house,” Murad Hashmyeh told Anadolu Agency.</p>  <p><br></p>  <p>He said 14 people live in the house -- half of them children -- which was built 20 years ago.</p>  <p><br></p>  <p>According to Hashmyeh, Israel threatened to charge the family for the demolition.</p>  <p><br></p>  <p>Israel occupied East Jerusalem during the 1967 Middle East war. It later annexed the city in 1980, claiming Jerusalem as the unified capital of the self-proclaimed Jewish state – a move never recognized by the international community.</p>  <p><br></p>  <p>International law views the West Bank and East Jerusalem as &quot;occupied territories&quot; and considers all Israeli settlement building on the land to be illegal.</p>  <p><br></p>  <p>Palestinians accuse Israel of waging an aggressive campaign to &quot;Judaize&quot; Jerusalem with the aim of wiping away its Arab and Islamic identity and driving out its Palestinian inhabitants.

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