Israel shells Hamas observation posts in Gaza

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By Zeynep Tufekci</p> <p>GAZA (AA) – The Israeli army shelled two observation posts in the Gaza Strip belonging to Palestinian resistance group Hamas, eyewitnesses said late Friday. </p> <p>In a written statement, the army said it bombed a military position of Hamas after explosives were thrown towards a security fence. It did not confirm whether it shelled another Hamas post.</p> <p>The Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza has yet to issue a statement on any casualties.</p> <p>On Monday, Israel launched a wave of airstrikes across the Gaza Strip following rocket fire from the enclave that injured seven Israelis north of Tel Aviv. </p> <p>The Israeli army has deployed reinforcements along the Gaza-Israel buffer zone in anticipation of Palestinian rallies Saturday marking the first anniversary of Gaza’s “Great Return” march.</p> <p>Saturday’s planned demonstration will also mark Palestinian Land Day, which commemorates the killing of six Arab-Israelis by Israeli forces in 1976 during protests against land confiscations.</p> <p>In the run-up to Saturday’s rallies, the army has deployed numerous tanks and armored vehicles along the buffer zone. </p> <p>It is also reportedly monitoring the region with surveillance balloons and positioning snipers throughout the area.</p> <p>On Thursday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly instructed the army to prepare for the possibility of a “broad” campaign in Gaza.