Iron Dome anti-missile batteries deployed across Israel

            <p>By Abdelraouf Arnaout</p>    <p>JERUSALEM (AA) - The Israeli army deployed Iron Dome missile-defense batteries in several locations across the country on Monday, according to Israeli media reports.</p>    <p>Iron Dome batteries were deployed “countrywide”, Israeli Radio reported without elaborating.</p>    <p>The move comes in response to an alleged rocket barrage from the blockaded Gaza Strip that reportedly left seven Israelis injured earlier Monday.</p>    <p>While there has been no claim of responsibility from Gaza-based resistance groups, the Israeli military held Hamas -- which has governed the strip since 2007 -- responsible for Monday’s alleged rocket attack. </p>    <p>According to Israeli media outlets, the army also deployed two additional infantry brigades along the Gaza-Israel buffer zone -- while calling up fresh reservists from its air-defense units -- in the immediate wake of the rocket barrage. </p>    <p>The Israeli authorities have also closed Gaza’s Erez (Beit Hanoun) and Kerem Shalom border crossings until further notice. </p>  <p><br></p>  <p>Writing by Mahmoud Barakat</p>