Iran executes 6 for theft, looting

ANKARA (AA) – Iranian authorities on Saturday executed six people on charges of looting and theft in the northeastern city of Mashhad, according to the state television.

State prosecutor Hassan Haidari said the executions were carried out upon the approval of the High Court of Justice.

According to Haidari, the six people “were not poor” and were in no need to steal.

"The death penalty should be a lesson for everyone who harms the safety and integrity of society," he said.

Iran has been facing economic difficulties as the U.S. re-imposed the first round of economic sanctions on the country, which mainly target the Tehran's banking sector.

The sanctions are intended to hinder the country's acquisition of U.S. currency; its precious metals trade; bank transactions denominated in the Iranian rial; activities related to Iran's sovereign debt; and the country’s automotive sector.