Group within Turkish army in coup attempt

ANKARA (AA) – A group within the Turkish military has taken illegal action outside chain of command, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim has said.

‘This is an insurgency against democracy and national will,’ Yildirim told the nation on live TV late Friday. ‘We will not allow it. There will never be any compromise on democracy. The perpetrators will pay the heaviest price.’

Anadolu Agency has learned the Chief of General Staff has been taken hostage by a group involved in the coup attempt.

Yildirim said ‘some key buildings’ in the capital were under blockade.

‘We will understand who they are and their purpose soon and will do what is needed. Our nation should keep calm. We will never tolerate such illegal activities that interrupt democracy.”

Soldiers were seen blocking both bridges in Istanbul, and tanks were parked outside International Ataturk Airport.

The prime minister said police would ‘retaliate’. ‘What is necessary will be done even if it requires death,’ Yildirim said.