French music band Orange Blossom hails Turkish music

By Melike Kinaci

KONYA, Turkey (AA) – Members of Orange Blossom — a French music band that mix electronic and world music — praised Turkish music.

Orange Blossom consists of Mexican Carlos Robles Arenas, Egyptian Hend Elway, and French Pierre-jean Chabot with their music blending sounds around the world.

The band — well known in Turkey as their song “Ya Sidi” was used in the soundtrack of popular television series Cukur (the Pit) — is in the country as part of their concert tour in the Turkish capital Ankara and the central Anatolian province of Konya.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency after their concert in Konya, Arenas said that it was his second time in Turkey and the first time in the Konya city — known as the home of Muslim poet and scholar Rumi, who was born in 1207 in Afghanistan and died in 1273 in Konya.

When asked about Turkish music, drummer Arenas said he "loves" it.

Arenas also said he respects Turkish music and loves the ney — an end-blown flute mainstream especially used in the Middle East — as well the saz, a traditional Turkish stringed musical instrument.

“Because people want to copy the American music all the time, we have traditional music, […] we create our music,” he added.