Elderly man rescued 13 days after quake hit Ecuador

By Senabri Silvestre

SANTO DOMINGO. Dom. Rep. (AA) — A 72-year old man was rescued under the rubble in Ecuador, 13 days after a devastating earthquake t hit the country’s northern coast.

Manuel Vasquez was found by Venezuelan rescuers who were alerted by sounds coming from a partially collapsed house in Jaramijó, in the province of Manabí.

The survivor “has a chronic urinary tract obstruction, dehydration, malnutrition and disorientation”, according to a statement by the Venezuelan mission.

Vasquez was taken Friday to the hospital in Jaramijó, a community known for its fishing industry.

The Simon Bolivar Liberty rescue mission has logged more than 25,540 hours of work after having moved into the provinces Manabi and Esmeralda just hours after the quake hit April 16. The mission is working in coordination with Ecuadorian authorities.

During its first week on the ground, the mission focused on rescue efforts but has now shifted to integrated care and providing assistance to health centers. It is also attending to the needs of residents in different shelters.

At least 113 people have been rescued from the rubble, according to the Risk Management Department but 43 reaming missing.

The tremor has killed 660 victims and wounded 51,376 others. More than 22,000 have been left homeless.

Ecuador is focused on utilizing it resources needed to rebuild the areas damaged by the earthquake.

President Rafael Correa said the state would sell assets, including a hydroelectric plant and a bank, in order to rebuild areas affected by the earthquake.

“We have to transform that wealth into cash,” he said. “This sale can get billions of dollars.”