Daesh/ISIS terrorists kill 5 civilians in eastern Iraq

By Ali Jawad

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AA) – Daesh/ISIS terrorists killed five civilians in an attack in Iraq’s eastern Diyala province on Monday.

Terrorists opened fire at civilians during an ambush near al-Qal’ah village in the northern part of the province, killing five people and injuring two others, according to a security source who requested anonymity.

The terrorists also tried to take two hostages but they were rescued by villagers who chased after the attackers, the source added.

Daesh/ISIS terrorists have ramped up attacks in the region over recent months, especially near the provinces of Kirkuk, Salahuddin, and Diyala.

In 2017, Iraq declared victory over Daesh/ISIS by reclaiming all territories captured by terrorists since the summer of 2014, estimated to be about a third of the country’s total area.

The terror group, however, still has sleeper cells in Iraq and continues to launch sporadic attacks on civilians, security forces, infrastructure, and other targets.

* Ahmed Asmar contributed to this report from Ankara.