Around 150 irregular migrants held in Turkey

                By Cihan Demirci, Ufuk Ertop, Mehmet Yavas, Suat Salgin and Goksel Kayseri</p>    <p>EDIRNE, Turkey (AA) - Turkish security forces on Wednesday held a total of 149 irregular migrants, security sources said.</p>    <p>Turkish gendarmes rounded up 22 irregular migrants in northwestern province of Edirne, said a source on condition of anonymity due to restrictions on speaking to the media.</p>    <p>The migrants, Pakistani and Bangladeshi nationals, were held in a vehicle. The driver of the vehicle was also arrested. </p>    <p>In another northwestern province of Kirklareli, 12 irregular migrants from Afghanistan and Pakistan were held by gendarmes, another source said, adding a person, who is believed to be the organizer of the human smuggling, was arrested.</p>    <p>In western province of Canakkale, 56 irregular migrants from Afghanistan and Chad were held by gendarmes as they were trying to reach Lesbos island of Greece. A suspect believed to be the organizer of the human smuggling was also arrested.</p>    <p>The gendarmes also seized a boat, air pump and 15 life jackets during the operation.</p>    <p>In western province of Izmir, Turkish police held 46 irregular migrants from Afghanistan, Iran, Mali and Eritrea in a minibus. A person, identified by the initials N.G. and believed to be an organizer of the human smuggling, was also arrested in the operation.</p>    <p>In the other western province of Balikesir, Turkish Coast Guard saved 13 irregular migrants -- including two minors --  from Afghanistan after they were stranded in the Aegean Sea.</p>    <p>The migrants were heading to Lesbos island but their boat's engine broke down. The migrants on board called Turkish Coast Guard for help.</p>    <p>Turkey has been a main route for irregular migrants trying to cross into Europe, especially since 2011, when the Syrian civil war began.