Anadolu Agency Photos of the Year voting starts

             ANKARA (AA) - Anadolu Agency on Saturday submitted a range of photographs marking the essential events of 2018 to a vote for this year’s Photos of the Year awards.</p>  <p>Photos will be selected across three categories from Anadolu Agency photojournalists or correspondents who have had an impact on the Turkish and world agendas.</p>  <p>Anadolu Agency's Photos of the Year was first held in 2012.</p>  <p>This year, 50 images selected from over 700,000 photographs shot in different parts of the world -- such as Syria, Palestine, Russia, Germany and Spain -- were put to a vote in news, life and sports categories with Turkish and English captions.</p>  <p>President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Parliamentary Spokesman Binali Yildirim, ministers, officials and sportsmen are also expected to participate in the voting.</p>  <p>There are 18 photographs in the news category, 15 in life category, and 17 in sports category.</p>  <p>Last year, over 260,000 people participated in the voting.</p>  <p>This year's voting will continue till Dec. 31 at</p>  <p>