Algeria’s NLF announces candidate for assembly speaker

By Abdulrazek Abdallah

ALGIERS (AA) – Algeria’s ruling National Liberation Front (NLF) on Tuesday named its nominee for the post of parliamentary speaker.

“Mouad Bouchareb is the NLF’s nominee for the post of president of the National People's Assembly,” NLF Secretary-General Djamel Ould Abbes said in a statement.

Bouchareb is also expected to secure the support of Algeria’s National Rally for Democracy, the Tajamou Amel el-Djazair, the Algerian Popular Movement and a parliamentary bloc of independent MPs.

Along with the NLF, the four political blocs hold a combined 233 out of 462 seats in parliament, ensuring an easy majority for the ruling party’s candidate.

Bouchareb, 47, hails from Algeria’s Setif province. If elected to the post of assembly speaker, he will succeed Said Bouhadja, who was ousted from the post last month amid disputes with lawmakers.

Bouhadja had stirred significant controversy due to his decision to sack Bachir Slimani, secretary-general of the assembly.