8 dead in flash floods in Jordan

By Laith Joneidi

AMMAN (AA) – At least eight people were killed Friday in flash floods across Jordan, an official said.

Government spokeswoman Jumana Ghunaimat said seven were killed in floods that hit the country.

Jordan’s Civil Defense Unit’s spokesperson Iyad al-Amr told Anadolu Agency the death toll rose to 8 after a civil defense team diver died.

In an earlier statement, Ghunaimat said three people, including two women and a girl, were killed in Madaba province when their vehicle was swept away.

Ghunaimat said 60 people were evacuated and nine were hospitalized, including some in critical conditions.

Flash flooding also hit the historic city of Petra as 3,760 tourists were evacuated from the severe weather, according to Ghunaimat.

Last month, at least 21 people were killed in a rash of severe flash flooding in Jordan’s western Dead Sea region.