6th Int'l Bosphorus Film Festival winners announced

By Musa Alcan

ISTANBUL (AA) – Istanbul’s 6th International Bosphorus Film Festival ended on Saturday, with awards for international and national contesters announced.

In a closing ceremony at Cemal Resit Rey Concert Hall, Best International Feature Film Prize was awarded to "Screwdriver" by Palestinian director Bassam Jarbawi.

"Halef" directed by Turkish director, Murat Duzgunoglu, was named Best National Feature Film at the national competition and won 100,000 TL ($18,400) Grand Prix.

Organized with the support of Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the General Directorate of Cinema, the festival kicked off Oct. 26.

Anadolu Agency is the global communication partner of the festival which aimed to bring the latest works from domestic and international cinema to Istanbul cinephiles.

During the competition, a total of 88 movies by 90 directors from 41 countries were showcased.

The winners of the festival were:

International Awards:

– Special Jury Prize: "Land" – Babak Jalali

– Best Actor Award: Kushtrim Hoxha – "Cold November"

– Best Actress Award: Valeria Bertuccelli – "The Queen of Fear"

– Best Director Award: Payman Maadi – "Bomb, A Love Story"

– Best International Feature Film Award: "Screwdriver" by Bassam Jarbawi

– Best International Short Fiction Film Award: "Patison Avenue" by Thanasis Neofotistos

– Best International Short Documentary Film Award: "Volte" – Monika Kotecka, Karolina Poryzala

– Honorary Award: Bent Hamer

National Awards:

– Best Actor Award: Muhammet Uzuner – "Halef"

– Best Actress Award: Ipek Turktan – "Debt"

– Best Director Award: Mahmut Fazil Coskun – "The Announcement"

– Best National Feature Film Award: "Halef" by Murat Duzgunoglu

– Best National Short Fiction Film Award: "Titanium" by Gokce Erdem

– Best National Short Documentary Film Award: "The Return" by Nesli Ozalp

– Best Cinematography Award: Krum Rodriguez – "The Announcement"

– Best Screenplay Award: "Halef" – Murat Duzgunoglu, Melik Saracoglu

– Best Editing Award: "Debt" – Naim Kanat