Turkey: CHP blasts Israeli air raid on Anadolu office

By Baris Gundogan

ANKARA (AA) – Turkey's main opposition party has condemned Saturday's Israeli warplane attack on the building in Gaza where the Anadolu Agency has its local office.

"We condemn the Israeli attack on the Gaza office of Anadolu Agency, which was founded by [Turkish Republic founder] Mustafa Kemal Ataturk," Faik Oztrak, Republican People’s Party (CHP) spokesman, told Anadolu Agency on Sunday.

Oztrak also conveyed his best wishes to the employees of Anadolu, Turkey's premier news agency.

On Saturday, Israeli warplanes hit the building in Gaza which houses Anadolu Agency's office with at least five rockets. No injuries or death were reported, but the building collapsed to the ground.

  • Writing by Diyar Guldogan and Sena Guler

Israeli raid in Syria hit regime, militia sites: Source

IDLIB, Syria (AA) – Israeli airstrikes carried out inside Syrian territory on Thursday targeted positions held by the Damascus regime and allied militias backed by Iran, informed sources told Anadolu Agency on Friday.

According to these sources, the strikes targeted the Harfa area of Syria’s southwestern Quneitra province — including the headquarters of two Syrian army brigades — and the Tel Mani area of Syria’s southern Daraa province.

The Israeli bomb run lasted for more than one hour, the sources said.

According to Syria’s SANA news agency, regime air defenses responded to the attack and succeeded in downing a number of hostile aircraft.

“Our air defenses responded to enemy targets over the ​​Al-Keswa area south of capital Damascus and shot them down,” SANA quoted an unnamed military source as saying.

Israeli army spokesman Avichay Adraee, however, denied the claim, saying no Israeli aircraft had been lost over Syrian territory.

Thursday's air raid was the first incident of its kind since Sept. 18, when a Russian plane carrying 14 Russian military personnel was accidentally shot down by Syrian air defenses, which had been responding to a similar Israeli air raid.

The incident prompted Moscow to respond by providing Damascus with its advanced S-300 air-defense system.

Arab League slams Israel assault on E. J'lem Christians

By Mohamed Mahmoud

CAIRO (AA) – The Arab League on Thursday condemned an assault by Israeli forces on Coptic Christian monks taking part in a protest one day earlier in occupied East Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

On Wednesday, Israeli police forcibly dispersed a demonstration by Coptic Christians held in the courtyard of the historic church.

The demonstration had been organized to protest the Israeli authorities’ refusal to allow the monks to renovate the Deir al-Sultan, a Coptic Christian monastery located on the church’s roof.

In a statement, Arab League Assistant Secretary-General Said Abu Ali condemned what he described as the “brutal aggression” against the monks by Israeli occupation forces.

“This assault violates the principle of the freedom of worship — which is guaranteed under international conventions — and shows the true face of Israel’s occupation,” Abu Ali asserted.

Muslim and Christian clerics in East Jerusalem say the Israeli authorities impose tight restrictions on the repair/renovation of Muslim and Christian holy sites.