YPG/PKK attacks FSA-held areas of Syria’s Tal Rifaat

By Omer Koparan</p> <p>AZAZ, Syria (AA) – Clashes erupted in the Syrian city of Tal Rifaat on Wednesday after YPG/PKK terrorists attempted to infiltrate parts of the city held by the Free Syrian Army (FSA), local sources said early Thursday.</p> <p>According to one local source, the terrorists attempted to infiltrate FSA-held parts of Tal Rifaat early Thursday, prompting clashes with FSA fighters deployed in the city.</p> <p>The same source, who asked not to be named due to security concerns, said the terrorists had suffered a number of casualties before retreating from the area.</p> <p>In 2016, the YPG/PKK captured a number of Tal Rifaat’s northern districts, from which it has continued to stage attacks on FSA-held part of the city.</p> <p>*Writing by Sena Guler