US imposes new sanctions on Iranian firms, individuals

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By Beyza Binnur Donmez

ANKARA (AA) – The US on Friday furthered its pressure on Tehran as Washington imposed fresh sanctions on Iranian entities and individuals in the final days of Donald Trump's presidency.

"We have warned industry that those who do business with [Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines] IRISL, its subsidiaries, and other Iranian shipping entities, risk sanctions. Today, we are sanctioning seven entities and two individuals for such conduct," Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement.

IRISL was sanctioned by Washington in June for being the "preferred shipping line for Iranian proliferators and procurement agents."

The entities that sanctioned include Iran Freedom and Counter-Proliferation Act, the PRC-based Jiangyin Mascot Special Steel Co., LTD Iran Transfo Company and Zangan Distribution Transformer Company, UAE-based Accenture Building Materials, Iran’s Mobarakeh Steel Company, and the IRISL subsidiary Sapid Shipping pursuant.

Department also designated Mohammad Reza Modarres Khiabani, the chief executive officer of IRISL, and Hamidreza Azimian, the chief executive officer of Mobarakeh Steel Company.

In a separate statement, the secretary announced further Iran-related sanctions over actors "who seek to abet Iran in supporting armed groups in the region with weapons and arms materiel."

Iran's Marine Industries Organization, Aerospace Industries Organization, and the Iran Aviation Industries Organization are designated for manufacturing lethal military equipment for Iran's military, including the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps — a designated foreign terrorist organization by the US.

"We call upon all states to prohibit the sale, supply, or transfer of arms or related material to or from Iran," Pompeo urged.