US: 3-D gun company owner sells plans despite court ban

By Umar Farooq

WASHINGTON (AA) – The owner of an open source firm that develops guns said Tuesday he has begun selling blueprints for his 3-D printed guns despite a court order banning the practice, according to the Associated Press.

The move by Defense Distributed owner Cody Wilson comes after the government reached a deal in June with the Texas-based nonprofit to post instructions online for the creation of the guns that are made of plastic and much more difficult to detect.

In response, 19 U.S. states as well as the District of Columbia, sued the Donald Trump administration saying that online instructions would allow access to weapons without proper regulation.

Judge Robert Lasnik extended a court-ordered ban Monday on the distribution of blueprints to create the weapons, citing that there were serious First Amendment concerns.

In an interview with the Bitcoin Podcast Network, Wilson said he knew the judge would extend the ban on the blueprints and he planned to defy them anyway.

"But the way the law actually works is that … the controversy is about whether you can post them on the internet or not. No one’s even disputing that I can sell you the file or that I can just give it to you," Wilson said.