Two Turks awarded with Germany’s highest civilian award

                          BERLIN (AA) - President Frank-Walter Steinmeier awarded two Turkish immigrants with the German Order of Merit on Tuesday for their voluntary work and their services to the culture of remembrance. </p>    <p>Burak Yilmaz, 31,  was awarded with the order for his efforts to combat racism and anti-Semitism, and raise awareness among the migrant population about the crimes of Nazi regime. </p>    <p>Gulaynur Kanaat Uzun, 52, received the award in recognition of her decades long work for the inclusion and empowerment of migrant women, and her projects on the migration history of Berlin. </p>    <p>Speaking at the award ceremony, Steinmeier underlined the importance of taking lessons from history, and praised social initiatives against racism and anti-Semitism.</p>    <p>“The lesson learned from the past means that we must show great determination in fighting against anti-Semitism, which remains virulent to this day,” he said.</p>    <p>“People will only have understood this lesson when discrimination against all minorities is banned, regardless of their religion, culture, background, social situation, sexual orientation or identity,” he added. </p>  <p>