Turkmenistan holds briefing on projects w/Afghanistan

Alaturka Politika Haberleri

​​​​​​​By Ali Murat Alhas

ANKARA (AA) – The foreign minister of Turkmenistan on Saturday held an international briefing regarding the newly inaugurated energy and connectivity projects with Afghanistan.

The projects — a power line, 30-kilometer railway, international fiber-optic communication system, and transit flows along the route of Turkmenistan and Afghanistan — aim to boost bilateral and regional ties.

Foreign Minister Rashid Meredov described the projects as real steps aimed at the consistent involvement of Afghanistan in the regional and international economic process along with the country’s integration into the continental transport and logistics ties.

Meredov also noted that the construction of infrastructure facilities in both countries had both geo-economic and geopolitical importance and they transcended their regional boundaries, connecting Central Asia and South Asia with Europe and the Middle East, and meant the formation of a new belt of transport and communication along with energy supplies of the continental level.

Furthermore, the minister argued that the realization of such projects was the practical embodiment of his country’s international initiatives in the field of sustainable development in the transport and energy sector, which Turkmenistan proposed with the UN.

Among the issues highlighted during the briefing was the importance of cooperation with international organizations, such as the UN, its dedicated agencies, and the EU.

Announcing the conjugation of multilateral interests, the efforts of partners to diversify transport and energy flows, the minister underlined that the bilateral Turkmen-Afghan infrastructure projects should be viewed as part of more comprehensive plans on the establishment of geo-economic space that unite the regional, neighboring, and other states, which are aimed at forming an integrated system of continental cooperation in Eurasia.

According to the top diplomat, Turkmenistan had firm adherence to providing comprehensive political, diplomatic, and economic support to Afghanistan and this was a long-term state strategy for his country's cooperation with Afghanistan.

The virtual event was participated by ministers, senior diplomatic missions and international organization representatives, rectors, journalists.