Turkish charity drills 13 water wells in Palestine

By Sefa Sahin

ANKARA (AA) – A Turkish charity has drilled 13 water wells in Palestine to provide potable water to Palestinians, who braved the recent brutal Israeli attacks.

In a written statement on Friday, Turkiye Diyanet Foundation (TDV)'s second chairman of the board of trustees, Ihsan Acik, said they contributed to the Palestinian people's access to clean drinking water as part of an ongoing water well project.

Acik said there have been difficulties in accessing clean drinking water in the region as a result of the recent attacks carried out by Israel. The TDV has drilled 13 water wells in Palestine, enough for 200,000 people's water needs.

"A total of three water wells are under construction in the region," he said and added that work on two other fountains has been initiated. Once these are completed, "we will be a drop of life to Palestine with a total of 18 water wells and fountains," he said.

More than 300,000 people will have access to clean drinking water after the projects are completed, he added.