Turkish agency provides jobs to Afghans returning home

By Sayed Khodaberdi Sadat

KABUL, Afghanistan (AA) – The Turkish Red Crescent (Turk Kizilayi) on Wednesday gave two shops to two Afghan nationals, as part of a project to support Afghans who voluntarily return to their countries.

The project provides job opportunities to Afghans after their voluntary return to their homeland.

In a ceremony held in the Afghan capital Kabul, two Afghan nationals were given a shop and a carpentry workshop within the framework of the project.

Speaking at the ceremony, Ibrahim Altan, head of the Turkish Red Crescent, said the Afghan nation liked working and the agency is making efforts to support them.

“At the first phase, we have opened a shop and a carpentry workshop for two Afghan brothers who are living in Kabul.

“The five-month rent of the shops and all the materials in it were provided by the Turkish Red Crescent,” Altan said.

He went onto say that they prepare everything and the Afghan people coming back to the country were having their own businesses straightaway.

Altan said the support activities will continue in different fields.

Oguzhan Ertugrul, the Turkish ambassador to Kabul, said he knew the living conditions and the security were the biggest problems in the country.

“Despite the negativities, no one should lose hope,” said Ertugrul, adding that Turkey would continue to stand with Afghanistan.

He said those who make good use of the opportunities provided by the Turkish Red Crescent could contribute to the livelihood of the family.

The project is carried out with the support of the Turkey’s Interior Ministry’s Directorate-General of Migration Management, Turkish Embassy in Kabul and Afghanistan’s Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation.