Turkey tops global humanitarian assistance list in 2017

Alaturka Politika Haberleri

By Satuk Bugra Kutlugun

ANKARA (AA) – Turkey topped the 2017 list of countries delivering humanitarian assistance with $8.07 billion, according to the report by the Global Humanitarian Assistance Programme of “Development Initiatives” of London.

Turkey's Foreign Ministry hailed the report with a written statement on Thursday, saying that “the power of Turkey’s humanitarian diplomacy, implemented without discrimination, is once again confirmed globally “.

The June 19 report said the U.S. ($6.68 billion), Germany ($2.99 billion), the U.K. ($2.52 billion) and the European Union ($2.24 billion) follow Turkey.

“The report states that Turkey has preserved her leading position with a 0.85 percent ratio between its national income and humanitarian assistance, as the 'most generous nation' in the world. Norway and Luxembourg follow Turkey’s lead with a ratio of 0.17 percent, ” the Foreign Ministry statement said.

“Turkey is determined to continue its humanitarian policies for the benefit of all humanity, ” the ministry added.

In addition to its global humanitarian works worldwide, Turkey also hosts nearly 3.6 million Syrian refugees.