Turkey helps publicize Uighur plight in China: activist

            By Cemal Asan</p>    <p>VAN, Turkey (AA) - Turkey has given Uighurs the opportunity to publicize the plight of the minority group in northwestern China, the head of an Istanbul-based association said on Tuesday.</p>    <p>&quot;We are grateful to the government of Turkey,&quot; Abdulahat Abdurrahman, Secretary General of East Turkistan Education and Solidarity Association told Anadolu Agency.</p>    <p>Underlining the close relationship between Turkey and the Muslim group, Abdurrahman said the &quot;homeland&quot; of the Turks was &quot;East Turkestan&quot;, the area otherwise known as China’s Xinjiang province.</p>    <p>Turkey denounced China's mass detention of Uighur Muslims in a Foreign Ministry statement on Feb. 9, saying it was &quot;no longer a secret&quot; that more than one million Uighur Turks were suffering arbitrary arrest as well as &quot;torture and political brainwashing&quot; in internment camps and prisons.</p>    <p>&quot;East Turkestan, where 35 million Turkic Muslims live, has been under Chinese torture since 1949,&quot; Abdurrahman said, stressing that the world should not remain silent in the face of China's &quot;torture&quot; of Uighurs.</p>    <p>He added that while UN reports pin the number of Uighurs held in Chinese camps at one million, the organization’s own sources indicated that a total of three million were being held.</p>    <p>The Turkic Muslim group has long accused Chinese authorities of cultural, religious and economic discrimination.</p>    <p>U.S. officials and UN experts have additionally reported that the Muslim population in East Turkestan have been incarcerated in an expanding network of &quot;political re-education&quot; camps.