Turkey haven for windsurfing champion

By Hilmi Sever

ISTANBUL (AA) – Professional surfer Lena Erdil said Turkey is a haven for wind-surfing as it is surrounded by three different seas.

Erdil, who holds the Vice World Champion title in slalom windsurfing for 2018, said there is a misperception that the sport is only for rich people.

"Once you buy surfing equipment, sea and wind are free," Erdil said. "The windsurfing races last 3-4 minutes, very short, fast and full of adrenalin," she added.

Speaking about her journey to becoming second-best in the world category, she said: "I had a world record project. l wanted to be the fastest surfer in the world. l tried to break the record in 2012 in Namibia and reached 85km/h speed but l missed the record by just 0.024 knots.

"It was sad but really important experience. Now, l am the fastest surfer in Turkey and one of the fastest in the world."

Erdil also shared her experience with a shark during windsurfing in South Africa.

"l hit a shark when l was surfing. It is true but l do not even believe it. l saw something pass below me in the sea and l tried to calm myself on the board.

"l wanted to convince myself that it was not a shark. It was one of the scariest moments of my life. l sat on the board couple minutes and could not move and thought that it will not attack me. l managed to stand on the board but l fell into water and but safely and quickly returned to the shore," she added.

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