Turkey condemns granting of furlough to Greek terrorist

By Fatih Hafiz Mehmet

ANKARA (AA) – Turkey on Monday "strongly condemned" the granting of another release on furlough to far-left terrorist Dimitris Kufodinas by Greek authorities.

Kufodinas is a convicted member of the November 17 terrorist organization and he is serving multiple life sentences in Greece for murder.

He was the perpetrator in the assassinations of Turkish Press Attache Cetin Gorgu, who was killed in 1991, as well as Omer Haluk Sipahioglu, a counselor at the Turkish Embassy in Athens, who was gunned down in front of his home in 1994.

The counsellor of Turkish Embassy in Athens, Deniz Bolukbasi, the administrative attache Nilgun Kececi and the driver Adil Yildirim were also wounded in separate attacks carried out by the same group.

"The release of a terrorist who claimed lives of our diplomats is disrespectful to their memories and to their bereaved families," Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

"We would like to underline once again that allowing a notorious terrorist to benefit from such arrangements does not comply with countering terrorism," it added.

Kufodinas was granted a four-day release on furlough on Saturday by Greek authorities, which totals six days adding two days for safe conduct.

This is the fifth furlough granted for Kufodinas in a year.

November 17 was active in Greece between 1975 and 2002. It is considered responsible for the assassination of 23 people in 103 attacks, which particularly targeted U.S., British, Turkish, and Greek nationals.