Trump claims Dems leak Russia intel to hurt Sanders

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By Beyza Binnur Donmez

ANKARA (AA) – U.S. President Donald Trump claimed Tuesday some Democrats against Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders presidential nomination tried to lower his chances by leaking information about Russian activities.

"Bernie is probably winning, looks like he's winning and he's got ahead of steam," Trump said in a news conference on the last day of his visit to India.

"And they maybe don't want him for obvious reasons. … So they put out a thing that Russia is backing him," Trump said, referring to the Democrats.

Trump accused House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff of leaking information to the media.

"They never told me anything about that, it was sort of a strange thing that they went to Bernie," Trump said.

"It's highly exaggerated. I think it’s disgraceful. I think it was leaked from the intel committee," he said. "I think probably Schiff leaked it. He shouldn’t be leaking things like that."

Schiff rejected Trump’s claims and accused the president of lying.

"The biggest threat to our elections is a president who welcomes foreign help. But the biggest danger to our democracy is a president who lies—constantly," Schiff tweeted.

"I don't discuss classified briefings, but you don’t need a clearance to see how Trump endangers everything we hold dear," he added.

Recent polls show Sanders the clear front-runner for the Democratic Party’s nomination after winning the New Hampshire primary and Nevada caucus.

Sanders also claimed victory as well as Pete Buttigieg in Iowa in a vote plagued with errors and counting inaccuracies.