Trump, Bolton slam Iran as it celebrates anniversary

            By Servet Gunerigok</p>  <p>WASHINGTON (AA) - U.S. President Donald Trump and National Security Adviser John Bolton lashed out Monday at Iran as it celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution. </p>  <p>&quot;40 years of corruption. 40 years of repression. 40 years of terror. The regime in Iran has produced only #40YearsofFailure,&quot; Trump said on Twitter. &quot;The long-suffering Iranian people deserve a much brighter future.&quot;</p>  <p>Trump also tweeted the message in Persian slamming Iran's leadership.  </p>  <p>The 1979 revolution in Iran under the leadership of Shiite cleric Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, which led to the collapse of the 58-year Pahlavi dynasty in Iran, was recorded as one of the most important events of the 20th century.</p>  <p>The Tehran-Washington conflict began when the revolutionists overran the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, accusing Washington of supporting the Shah.</p>  <p>On Twitter, Bolton said Iran failed to fulfill its promises to uphold and safeguard the rights of its citizens after 40 years. </p>  <p>&quot;The 40th anniversary of the Iranian regime only serves to highlight four decades of failure and broken promises,&quot; said Bolton. </p>  <p>Later, in an official White House Twitter video post, Bolton also slammed Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. </p>  <p>&quot;So, Ayatollah Khamenei, for all your boasts, for all your threats to the life of the American president, you are responsible for terrorizing your own people, and terrorizing the world as a whole.</p>  <p>&quot;I don't think you'll have many more anniversaries to enjoy,&quot; said Bolton.