Tanks seen heading for Zimbabwe capital, rumor of coup

By John Cassim
Harare, Zimbabwe (AA) – Several military tanks and trucks were spotted heading towards the Zimbabwean capital Harare Tuesday, prompting fears of a possible coup or show of power by the army.
This comes a day after a statement by army generals urged President Robert Mugabe to cease purges within his ruling party or “the military would be forced to intervene”.
Pictures of tanks heading towards the capital circulated on social media Tuesday prompting rumors that a coup could be imminent. However, there is speculation that this could also be a show of force from the military.
In his statement Monday the army commander Constantine Chiwenga, gave Mugabe an ultimatum calling for a “stop to reckless utterances by politicians from the ruling party”.
President Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace, linked to a faction called G40, was accused of having been instrumental in the axing of Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa last week.
The whereabouts of Mnangagwa are not known but certain local media reports media have claimed he crossed the border and could be in South Africa.

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